Below are some frequently asked questions about the site. If you do not find the answer to your questions, please feel free to Contact Us for help.

Q: The ability to place a FREE classified ad does not mean the DME is necessarily free, correct?
A: Correct.
The primary intent has been to encourage donations, but we recognize that allowing people to sell used equipment would add to the pool of options for those in need. So, no-longer-needed equipment can be DONATED or SOLD on the site. We offer the free classified posting regardless if the item is donated or sold.
Q: I am inquisitive of how shipping and handling is covered in regards to heavy or large DME?
A: We see SelfCareExchange.com as connecting those in need with those who can help. The details of the transfer will be up to the parties involved. We urge each party to practice personal safety and be aware of scams and fraud.